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Navigating Your Site Administrator

To access your site administrator, enter your username and password

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Basic Administrator Functions

All areas of your site administrator regardless of their function are gathered in modules (News, Properties, Page Content, Events, etc.) and have navigation functions that must be understood before entering new data. Below are basic navigation and functions of every administrator.

Viewing records in a module table

Each module will display a list of items or records (news items, properties, products, etc.) that appear on your site. This list of records can be referred to as a table. Much like an Excel spreadsheet, records are listed in rows with different columns. Each column represents a different attribute of the record. Within each module, you can access a list of items that relate to a particular function of your site. In order to edit, create or delete records, it is important to be able to navigate tables to find the record for which you are looking.

Record Listing

(1) Sorting records in a table

In a table, all the records fit into categories and each category has a title. In order to sort your records, you can click on the category titles. This method will then sort your records according to the title you have clicked. For example, if you’d like to sort your Events by the date they start, click Start Date and it will sort them chronologically. If you click again, it will sort them counter-chronologically.

(2) Creating a record in a module table

To create a new record in a module table, refer to the appropriate module and click Create. For example, if you’d like to create a new event, under the Events block, click Create New Event. Once you are finished creating your record, make sure you click the Save button at the top-right before leaving the page. To make sure your record has been created, on the right panel, you can click Manage to access the table that contains all the records of the same type. You can then proceed to make a search in the search bars at the top and look for your record by name, for instance.

(3) Editing a record in a module table

To edit and make changes to a record in a table, you can click on the pencil icon on the right. This will take you the edit page of the record in which you can modify its elements, text, field data, etc. When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the editing area.

(4) Deleting a record in a module table

To delete a record click on the red X icon next to the pencil icon and click OK to confirm.

(5) Tables with multiple pages

Tables with a lot of records will be paginated. To access a record that isn’t available on the first table page, click through the page numbers at the bottom right hand corner of the page. You can also search for a specific record by entering its name in the name search field.