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Mail Campaign Rules

Given the severity of the spam issue on the Internet, most major Internet Service Providers (ISP's) have established a base line set of criteria they use to determine if an email message is spam or not. If your mailing ever gets labeled as spam you can very likely end up not being able to send any email of any kind from that point forward that then goes to a recipient within that ISP's customer base.

Getting your domain or email address off of a spam blacklist can take months and an exhaustive amount of effort. So it's much better to avoid this happening in the first place.

In order to help our clients prevent ending up on ISP's blacklists, we provide here a five page White Paper on the industry standard procedures and best practices for doing any type of mailing campaign. While this list is up to date at the time of it's writing, ISP's are continually re-thinking their methods, logic and criteria.

As such, we can not guarantee that your mailing won't end up on one or more blacklist, however we are highly confident that if you follow these guidelines and use common sense in your approach the next time you do a mass mailing, you'll be safe.


Download the Websight Design, Inc. Mailing Campaign Rules White Paper in Adobe PDF format HERE.